Cocoon House

Address: 3530 Colby Ave Everett, WA, 98201

Phone: (425) 877-5171

Insurance: Free Service

The comprehensive approach of Cocoon House ensures that each young person is met where they are, physically and emotionally, to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future. Young people connect with Cocoon House staff when in our programs, in their schools, or out on the street. Parents are provided with services to help keep their teen in the home or provide the smoothest transition possible if the teen is returning home from homelessness. This scope of service allows Cocoon House to ensure they are reaching young people and families in all possible ways to ensure that every child has a home and a future. Opioid specific resources include client-led case management and goal-setting for youth and young adults 12-24 years old. We connect the youth with treatment options, support systems such as NA, and positive community groups, and volunteering opportunities. We also have onsite drug counselor hours for our housing residents. View Website

Operations under COVID-19 – COVID has not stopped most of our general work but there have been accommodations made within our housing and drop-in center to account for the limit to group numbers. We are taking every precaution with cleanliness and PPEs for our youth and staff. Our yearly fundraising banquet has had to be postponed and changed to a virtual format but we’re excited for the challenge and looking forward to engaging with the community during this unique time.