Opioid Data Portal for Snohomish County


We have partnered with LiveStories to document the changes our communities are facing due to the opioid epidemic.  In collaboration with our partner agencies, we have compiled various data platforms and turned them into a responsive data dashboard.  We hope that providing accurate information and documenting the changes our communities experience empowers our community leaders and organizations to manage this change.  Data will be updated as it becomes available.


How to read the charts:

  • Arrows reflect the trend of the indicator. The trend is based on the recent observation compared to the prior observation.
  • Colors reflect if the trend is positive, negative, or neutral. Green is positive, Grey is neutral, and Red is negative.

How to interact with the charts:

  • Hover your mouse over the tile chart and then click the chart to see more details of the indicator.
  • At the top of the charts you will see links to other graphical representations of the data. Click on the links to see the other charts.
  • There is a “← Go Back” link, click on this to take you back to the main portal page.
  • At the bottom of the charts you will see a section of “Metadata”. This section provides the name of the indicator, a description, and the source of the data.
  • You can download the chart or the data in the chart by clicking on either of the links.