For Workplaces & Businesses

The opioid epidemic has negative effects on the workplace. An average restaurant in Washington State with 20 employees in 2020 has up to $7,845 in additional annual costs due to substance use disorders according to a cost calculator at the National Safety Council. This health issue can affect your employees directly or impact their family and friends. Coming together as a community to fight the opioid epidemic is important and businesses and business owners play a crucial role.

Resources for Workplaces

There are many steps workplaces can take to help reduce the effects of the crisis, and benefit their business’ bottom line. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about actions your business can take:

If you want more information to begin addressing the opioid epidemic by taking action at your workplace, order a toolkit from the National Safety Council.

For any questions regarding what businesses and workplaces can do to prevent overdoses and addiction to opioids, email