Office of Neighborhoods Update

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

Created in 2015, the Office of Neighborhoods teams up law enforcement and human services social workers to go out into the field and work directly with those who struggle with addiction and homelessness. Under the leadership of Sgt. Ian Huri, the Homeless Outreach team works to foster long-term relationships and break the cycle of homelessness, mental health, and/or chemical dependency in our county. Together, the Office of Neighborhoods deputies and LEESW’s assist frequent jail utilizers, the homeless, and the mentally ill to find services that will provide the help they need, including housing and chemical dependency treatment.

Here are the numbers as of October 2017 from the Office of Neighborhoods:
** 22 Chemical Dependency Assessments completed
** 23 people entered detox (5 left before completing)
** 18 started and are still in treatment, 3 of those did not complete treatment
** 5 people had housing secured
** 8 people received identification cards

Year-to-date (January – October 2017), the Office of Neighborhoods has secured housing for 54 people, had 107 go for chemical dependency assessments, and over 100 start detox/treatment.